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Tennis has no Boundaries

Maria Fredatovich had a stroke at the age of 13. Now 32, she enjoys a physically active lifestyle, refusing to let loss of peripheral vision, on-going balance and hand-eye coordination and problems stop her doing what she loves.  More than that, Maria realised there was a need to help other young people who had the same challenges as herself thus the “Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation” was created.

Collaboration between the Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation and tennis coach Kevin Woolcott gave 2 young stroke children the opportunity to discover their passion for tennis at Albany Tennis Park recently.    

“The children’s positive energy, effort and willingness to learn and the different organisations working together to make this possible were key to the day’s amazing success,” says YST Founder Maria Fredatovich.

8-year-old Millie had her first shot at tennis.  Millie was able to improve on her coordination, body awareness, and fitness all within a framework of fun and social interaction.

11-year-old Amelia, being a new comer to tennis, was given one on one lesson by Kevin while improving her balance, coordination, agility, fitness, spatial awareness, concentration, and focus while having fun doing so.

 “Days such as these help Young Stroke Thrivers to learn that there are no limits to what they can achieve while having fun doing so,” says Maria. “It will help them build up their confidence for other exciting opportunities supported by different organisations”.

Tennis is a year round, social, non-contact sport, which is suitable for people of all abilities.  Give a Shot Day for Young Stroke Thrivers was a huge hit!   Also Thanks to Tennis Northern at the Albany Tennis Park and North Shore Photographic Society.

If you would like to help children such as Amelia and Millie, Maria Fredatovich can be contacted at Young Stroke Thrivers Foundation,, or

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