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Kevin Woolcott
16-Mar-15 | Replies:0 | Favourited:11 | Blog Entry
Maria Fredatovich had a stroke at the age of 13. Now 32, she enjoys a physically active lifestyle, refusing to let loss of peripheral vision, on-going balance and hand-eye coordination and problems stop her doing what she loves.  More than that, Maria realised there was a need to help other young people who had the same challenges as herself..
21-Feb-14 | Replies:0 | Favourited:12 | News
These children were pretty excited to be able to meet Halberg Awards contender athletes on the Tuesday before the Halberg Awards night. Kevin Woolcott and Gordon Buchalter ran a coaching session and this gave the able bodied athletes and indication of the particular challenges that Mark, Cormac, Jaden, Faithleen and Matakorama (in the photo) ..
17-Mar-13 | Replies:0 | Favourited:11 | Blog Entry
Every coach I know has their favourite key words when coaching. I probably talk too much but at the same time, I'm trying to instill those key words into my pupil. I often use "statue, take a photo, imagine". I also use a mini dvd player or photographs to show a footwork pattern in conjunction with a swing pattern. Showing the footwork and swi..
18-Feb-13 | Replies:0 | Favourited:12 | Blog Entry
Here are a few reminders now inter-club has recommenced.  You probably think I go on sometimes but if you can improve one aspect of your doubles game, then I have achieved something for you.  The video clip is a clip from the Ladies final this year at the Australian Open.   · · Obviously, skills improvement is number one..
09-May-12 | Replies:0 | Favourited:6 | Blog Entry
Skill learning is a process.  There are no quick fixes and the best way, in my experience is to approach a young pupil with the intention of improving his or her performance with a wide range of skills before they reach their teens.  The skills may not be perfect but I truly believe that the wider range of skills learned early will hold..
10-Apr-12 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Blog Entry
Rather than just saying you would like to "improve" your game, how about selecting something a bit more specific.  When it comes to mastering important concepts and understanding your coach's advice, many players grasp them better once they know the reasons behind it.  Here are a few examples: · Improve Your Swing Technique. (Make it..
14-Feb-12 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Blog Entry
And I hear you say - drivel Kevin, I have been trying to improve my volleys for years and am still scared to be at the net. · Every day with the lessons I take, my challenge as a coach is to allow my lessons to enjoy the net because it is highly satisfying to be able to finish off a point. · Tactically there are some pointers you should kn..
04-Dec-11 | Replies:0 | Favourited:6 | Blog Entry
I have talked about this quite often but it hit me again when one of my coaching groups said their team was on the court for almost four hours because they could not finish the points off. There is a fine line between patience when waiting for the right ball to "have a go" and making sure you keep every ball in the court. Playing matches and tryin..
28-May-11 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Discussion
I just love looking at good footwork. Again from my old film files. This film is Jimmy Arias playing Boris Becker. Jimmy Arias was credited as the start of the new breed of forehand in about 1978 as a fourteen year-old. Coached by Nick Bollettieri at the time but unfortunately for Arias illness intervened and he never really showed his full potent..
01-May-11 | Replies:0 | Favourited:6 | Blog Entry
Tennislife film of the month - also from the 1987 French Open.  Shows Jimmy Connors and his economical style of the day.  These days the racquets are more powerful and the ball is generally hit harder.  The intensity is there and as I said on the film - close your eyes and just listen. The sound of Connors feet and the clean sound..
02-Apr-11 | Replies:0 | Favourited:6 | Discussion
As a follow-up from last month with troubleshooting groundstrokes and your summer interclub almost complete, you now have the opportunity to make a concerted effort on improving your swings and movement.  Movement has to be improved in conjunction with your strokes. · A forehand reminder could be my swiss ball idea.  This is an easy..
13-Mar-11 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Blog Entry
Tennis can be a complicated game and there is of course a fix-it for any weakness. If you don't have any weaknesses you would be in a different grade to the one you are currently playing. Therefore it is worth taking one weakness at a time and turning it into a strength. · A beginner may become somewhat demoralised if over ambitious in wanting..
06-Jun-10 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Discussion
The better the control and balance when you play tennis, the better your game will be. To quote Science of Coaching Tennis, 'Without good balance, a tennis player is doomed to mediocrity. · Balance is controlled by the position of the centre of gravity, the central point slightly above centre of the pelvic region about which the body mass is d..
29-Apr-10 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Discussion
The drop shot is a must for you add to your game · A close relation to the slice or lob the drop shot has many advantages.  · The shot can be high risk but  think if you pick the right time to execute it, you can win a lot of points. Put the shoe on the other foot also, how do you like having to sprint forward when you ar..
11-Apr-10 | Replies:0 | Favourited:7 | Discussion
When I do a lesson, my pupil will continually (not too much I hope) hear me going on about moving economically on the court.   Considering a large proportion of my lessons is directed at doubles play and the formation is one-up, one-back I am emphasizing this tip at the player who is on the baseline. ·   · ·   · ..