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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQs cover specific questions about using the iSportz website. The current range of FAQ topics covered are shown in the menu to the left.

If you require information on the features of the iSportz website, read the Features page.

Registering with iSportz

Is it free to register?

YES.  Free membership is provided to access many of the features available.

For access to additional features (for example: databasing and document uploading), please contact iSportz to discuss access to these features.

Can I register more than once on iSportz using the same email address?

No. Each account on the iSportz family of websites must have a unique email address. If you need to setup another account, we suggest you use another email address you own or create a free email account with a third party email provider (e.g. Yahoo, GMail, etc) and then use that email address when registering.

Why do I need both a Login AND Nickname?

Your Login is only used for logging in to the iSportz website. Your Nickname (or Name) is displayed to visitors to the iSportz website. You can make them the same if you prefer, however it is safer to make them different to reduce the possiblity of people knowing your login name and potentially trying to access your iSportz account.

Why can't I upload documents?

To avoid the spread of viruses through uploading of documents, document uploading is restricted to selected members only.