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iSportz Features

iSportz offers a professional and comprehensive suite of fully-integrated sports information-sharing and databasing tools. Check out some of the main iSportz features below. If you are not sure how iSportz can help you, please don't hesitate to ask us how to best use the website to achieve your objectives.

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My Sports Portal

Your 'home page' for the iSportz website. Quickly access your settings and latest content.

Account Configuration

Manage your account. Upload a picture of yourself, choose your favourite colour theme for viewing the website, choose what you want to be automatically notified about, nominate your friends and who may contact you plus much more.


Create albums and display your photos.


Run blogs for your channel, groups or just for general public discussion. Share and discuss ideas.


Run one or more calendars to share your events, training schedules, coaching courses or anything sports related.


Run a public channel for your account where you may share your videos, blogs, events, documents (where authorised), messages and much more. Subscribe to your favourite channels and become a fan of your favourite members.

Coach Databasing

Database your coaches and track their qualifications. Communicate upcoming events and share blogs and videos quickly. Members are notified automatically.

Comments & Feedback

Post comments to your favourite videos, blogs or documents to discuss ideas or provide your feedback. Also have fun rating the videos.


Share your newsletters, research documents or other sports related documents. (Note: This feature is restricted to authorised members only.)


Create and/or join groups to share information with others. Groups may be private or public. iSportz can also setup a range of special group types for your convenience. Members will be notified automatically about new media content posted to the group.

Message Boards

Run a message board on your channel or groups for quick messages to all channel subscribers or group members.


Network with other coaches and members of networking groups you belong to.


Keep up to date with the latest sports news from around the world. Include your favourite news feed on your channel or group.

Polls & Tests

Setup polls, tests and quizzes for your members. Be emailed when your members have completed the poll/quiz. (Creation of polls/tests is restricted to approved members only. Contact iSportz about access to this feature.)

Private Challenges

Have fun video challenges with your family friends - upload a sports video and challenge your friends to respond.

Private Messages

Send private messages to other iSportz members.


See the top ranked members and videos on iSportz.

Sports Information

Learn about the skills involved for over 100 sports. Browse the videos, blogs and more for each sport.

Sports Skills

Discover which sports skills you are good at. Learn which sports your skills may be suited you. Also, check out our KeySportz website for a range of challenges to develop your sports skills.


Share and watch sporting videos. Videos may be for coaching purposes or entertainment. Share videos for your team members to watch from anywhere in the world. Group videos of a similar topic into video programmes.