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iSportz is located in the North Harbour region of New Zealand.

North Harbour has a strong and successful sporting culture with participation by a wide variety of community groups.

Partners of iSportz

Greater Auckland Coaching Unit (GACU)

The Greater Auckland Coaching Unit (GACU) is all about you, the coach.

The Auckland regional coaching approach consists of the formation of a regional governance unit (Greater Auckland Coaching Unit) whose function will be two fold:
  • the first, to deliver the Sport NZ lead CoachForce programme in a singular consistent model across targeted NSOs & RSOs of greater Auckland;
  • the second, to provide coach development services to non-CoachForce codes and the wider coaching community.

Harbour Sport

Harbour Sport is the regional sports organisation for North Harbour.

Harbour Sport run a variety of programmes for the Harbour region including ...
  • Sport Development, Coach & Official Development, The Education Sector
  • Active Communities, He Oranga Poutama, Green Prescription
  • Sport Opportunity
  • Events & Sponsorship.