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Balancing your role as both teacher and coach (among the many other expected roles of a teacher today) is rewarding but can be a challenge.

The GACU Auckland Coaches support tools are designed for all those involved with coaching to assist with the day-to-day tasks involved in coaching.

Learn all about the latest approaches to coaching development including Teaching Games for Understanding and NZ CoachApproach.

Use the videos, blogs and downloads to learn more about managing and developing the kids you coach.

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Looking for ideas to keep the kids you teach active?

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Run a class sports channel on iSportz promoting your class's sporting activities.

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02-Dec-16 5:49PM. Source: IRB.
I samband med Rugby Europe konferens i Stockholm genomfördes den 6 juli en flashmob på temat Get into rugby på Sergels torg. Stort tack till alla som hjälpte till att arrangera och deltog!!!
02-Dec-16 5:37PM. Source: IRB.
The South Africa Rugby Union aims to recruit an additional million rugby players though the Get Into Rugby programme, through hundreds of trainings and festivals like this one organised on Heritage Day in Stellenbosch back in 2013.
02-Dec-16 5:21PM. Source: IRB.
Do you want to play like a girl? PLAY RUGBY! The Finland National team rugby players, help Rugby Europe explaining what is get into rugby and what do they do in Finland to help getting more girls into rugby.
02-Dec-16 5:10PM. Source: IRB.
Get Into Rugby has been gathering momentum in Malaysia with boys and girls getting involved across the country
28-Oct-16 12:59AM. Source: Cricinfo.